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About Us
SEMIgear is an established leader in the design, development, marketing, and manufacturing of semiconductor wafer processing and packaging equipment. Through many years of experience in the semiconductor industry, we have developed a unique line of fully automated single wafer processing equipment, GENEVA Serial Thermal Processor(STP) 200 and the STP300, both capable of delivering excellent performance with high throughput and very low cost of ownership. 

In the front end of the line of semiconductor wafer fabrication, the GENEVA STPs are capable of producing high performance Nickel Silicides. In the back end of the line of semiconductor wafer manufacturing, the GENEVA STPs are able to process high quality low k and copper anneal for interconnection integration in a single wafer processing format. 

In the area of wafer level packaging, the GENEVA STPs provide novel solutions to solder reflow with one-step processing by removing the need for flux. The end result is the replacement of a flux dispensing system, a large footprint belt furnace, and deflux machine in favor of the smaller, simpler, higher throughput, and lower cost of ownership GENEVA STP system.