A Novel No Flux Solder Reflow for 300/200mm Wafers 

The traditional wafer level solder reflow process requires flux to be dispensed before and washed off after solder reflow. This step results in high capital and operating costs due to large clean room space requirements, high machine costs, and high rates of gas and water consumption. SEMIgear's unique multi-station processing platforms, the GENEVA Serial Thermal Processor(STP) 200 and the STP 300, offer solutions to these issues by providing a one-step no flux reflow process to eliminate the flux dispensing system before reflow and the de-flux system after reflow. With high throughput, high vacuum capability, low thermal budget with fast ramp up and cool down rates, and a small footprint, these state-of-the-art, fully automated pieces of equipment are the ideal solutions for high lead, eutectic, and no lead solder reflow processing. 

A Novel Solution for Nickel Salicides in 30nm Applications 

Salicide processing is a technique often used in advanced processing technologies to reduce gate and junction resistivity. A recent paper published by TI scientists has shown that nickel silicides have several device performance advantages over the conventional Cobalt silicides that are currently used by major manufacturers of semiconductor devices. The alternative nickel salicide processing requires a longer process time at low temperatures to produce low resistivity NiSi, consumes less silicon, and forms a thin gate silicide resulting in lower dose consumption and good device performance. The GENEVA STPs, developed by SEMIgear, Inc., not only meet the processing specifications, but also come at a low cost, yield high throughput, and are small footprint solutions for nickel salicide applications. Designed to operate at a steady state environment for both temperature and ambient conditions with their unique systems of serial processing stations, the GENEVA STPs have demonstrated their capabilities at process repeatability and reproducibility with excellent results. 

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