SEMIgear's GENEVA Serial Thermal Processor(STP) 200 is a versatile heat treating platform designed for low temperature (<=650C) applications. The GENEVA STP can accommodate different heating modules for a variety of process applications. The heating methods include contact heating, close proximity heating, radiation heating, and vacuum heating depending on the modules adapted into the system.

The STP is fully automated with cassette-to-cassette wafer loading and a tight ambient controlled loadlock. It is best suited for shorter time-at-temperature applications such as solder reflow, metal anneal, silicide formation, low k dielectric material anneal, and others. It has a very high throughput for processes requiring time-at-temperature shorter than 10 minutes. 

There are three important steps in traditional wafer level packaging: dispensing flux, reflow solder, and washing flux residues. GENEVA STP uses advanced no-flux processing to combine these three steps into one. The end result is a fully automated solution with much smaller footprint and lower cost. 

The GENEVA STP has various applications including solder reflow and copper / low k annealing. Consistent reflow process conditions are essential for generating smooth, spherical solder balls with a minimum of voids. The GENEVA system allows the solder balls to be formed on the semiconductor chips with no oxidation, little segregation of tin/lead, and minimum inter-metallic compound formation. The GENEVA STP also has applications in copper/low k annealing. This is the new process for technology nodes of 0.13um or smaller. The ambient control and vacuum capability are most essential in this application. 

SEMIgear has since developed systems to handle both the 200mm and 300mm wafters for solder reflow,copper anneal, and low-k curling application. The GENEVA STP 200 is designed for processing 125, 150, 200mm wafers. The GENEVA STP 300 is a scaled-up version of the GENEVA STP200, capable of processing both 200mm and 300mm wafers with additional automation features. With automation, superior ambient control, and fast ramp rates, SEMIgear GENEVA STP can achieve high throughput with excellent results. It is the tool of choice when competing with belt furnaces and rapid furnaces in the semiconductor solder reflow application and tube furnaces in the copper/low k anneal applciation. 

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