Geneva STP 300

Serial Thermal Processor with Vacuum Capabilities for 200/ 300mm wafers

GENEVA STP (Serial Thermal Processor) delivers unmatched throughput with multiple configurable processing stations, excellent ambient control, and uniform fast heating and cooling technologies. It features remarkably small footprint.


With its steady state uniform thermal and gas environment, GENEVA STP provides excellent repeatability. The temperature variation among processing stations at any given time is < +/- 2°C. The wafer temperature variation is < +/- 2°C.

Ambient Control

With its small chamber size design and vacuum capability, GENEVA STP system easily achieves O2 ambient of <10 ppm at any given time during processing. It can also control the ambient according to processing needs.

User Friendly Interface

A screen interface integrated with extensive graphics and animation makes it extremely user friendly for the operator and the process engineer.


GENEVA STP is specifically designed for processes that are sensitive to ambient control, thermal budget, uniformity, throughput, and low CoO. Targeted applications are: Cu anneal, Low k, BCB, and Polyimide curing, Solder reflow (High lead, Eutectic solder and No lead), Silicide and Contact formation.

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